Charles Camenzuli, Secretary General of the AIPS Europe, is in Zagreb. He was invited by the Organizing Committee of the European University Games, because AIPS Europe and the European University Sports Association (EUSA) signed a cooperation protocol 4 months ago and Mr. Camenzuli came to the Opening Ceremony in Zagreb as an official representative of AIPS Europe. Apart from attending the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday evening, Mr. Camenzuli met with the organizers to obtain more precise information about the organization of this major sporting event, but also to draw the organizers' attention to the fact that the influence and work of the Croatian Sports Journalists Association had been neglected in the process of the organization of the Games. This is the reason why the young journalists project, a kind of journalist training for journalists – beginners from several European countries, was not implemented.

CSJA officials took the opportunity and met with Mr. Camenzuli; CSJA President Jura Ozmec and Secretary General Nikola Lipovac shared their views on the upcoming AIPS Europe and AIPS elections, but also especially emphasized the importance and influence of the Southeast Europe Sport Journalists Association (SEESJA) in the overall activities of the AIPS Europe. Mr. Camenzuli confirmed to the CSJA representatives that he was going to run for the office of the AIPS Europe President at the elections in Korea next year. He also said that the Hungarians were going to organize the AIPS Europe Congress in Budapest, probably in March 2017, based on the last year's Belarus model. The CSJA opinion on that is clear – we think that such gatherings are superfluous, especially in election years, so that the CSJA will probably send a representative to Budapest, because one can drive from Croatia to Budapest. But we believe that most European countries will not have the financial means to do so, so that the Congress will turn into a pleasant and non-binding gathering of a smaller number of European sports journalists, who will not have the quorum to discuss serious topics or the preparation of the AIPS Europe election only one month later in Korea.

Many issues interesting to journalists in Europe are certainly in the interest of Croatian sports journalists, so that the meeting with Mr. Camenzuli had a constructive and encouraging tone. As it had been doing so far through SEESJA, AIPS Europe and AIPS, the CSJA would keep advocating modern views and advancement of the journalists' profession in Europe and the rest of the world. All participants of the meeting agreed with that.