Great Interest of Journalists for Tournalist, Montenegrins Win Football Tournament for the First Time


Sports journalists from the neighbouring countries and the broader region of Southeast Europe got together and competed within the 3rd Congress of the Southeast European Sports Journalists Association in the towns of Kukljica and Kali on the island of Ugljan, Croatia, from 30 September to 4 October. The Congress was hosted by the Croatian Sports Journalists Association and its Chairman Jura Ozmec and held under the auspices of the Croatian Olympic Committee and Btravel agency.

Almost 120 participants coming from 11 SEESJA countries were accommodated in the apartments of the Zelena Punta Tourist Board in Kukljica; its Director Igor Nekić was an excellent host and the staff most helpful and therefore praised by the guests. The event was co-organized by Btravel agency, a CSJA partner that presented Tournalist, its new application for journalists and athletes, which will offer the cheapest travel and accommodation solutions for business and private travels. Tournalist was presented by Btravel's Belizar Zečić in the presence of Dan Vidošević, Sports Development Director in the Best Sports Solutions Company, which co-operates with Btravel, and it attracted great attention of those present.

This was the first time that the Montenegrins won the Mičman Cup Trophy, while the Croatian journalists finished second after a 0-2 defeat in the final, which was their best achievement after two bronze medals in 2013 and 2015. The Moldovans, who were silver medallists in 2013, finished third this time after defeating last year's winners Bulgarians 2-0.
The Montenegrins also had the top scorer Uroš Radulović, who scored six goals, Romania's Julian Cuibar was the best goalkeeper, and Moldova's Serghei Ursul was the best player. Tournament participants voted Croatia's Dubravko Miličić the most remarkable personality so he won the flattering Best Personality title.

The Fair Play Trophy went to Serbia that agreed to play against Hungary with one player less, as one Hungary's player got injured and they had no substitutes. And the Hungarians won 2-1. The colleagues from Serbia also agreed to play the 8th place match in the first morning time slot at 9:30 to accommodate the wishes of the colleagues from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as half of their team had to go back home right after lunch. Serbia lost that game, too, and placed last, 9th.

The football tournament was played on an artificial pitch in Kali. This was the first time that nine journalists' teams participated in it, with the Hungarians as the newcomers. It was played according to the revolutionary MatchVision formula, without groups, with a single-league table, in which all nine teams played two rounds, and all semifinal and placement matches pairs were determined based on the results after them. According to this new formula, it wasn't possible to know the ranking until the last group match between Croatia and Romania was over. The same applied to the second round matches, which avoided the possibility of rigging the matches or playing the so-called void matches, in which neither team could advance. Despite some initial unclarities, MatchVision turned out to be the winning formula.





At the Election Assembly within the Congress, the Croatian representative Nikola Lipovac of Jutarnji List was re-elected as SEESJA Chairman for another term of 2 years. He was the only one who presented a concrete program of spreading to social networks and the Internet. The only counter-candidate, Boško Trpeski from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, withdrew before the vote. Three new Executive Committee members Dušan Jocić from Serbia, Murat Agca from Turkey and György Szöllösi from Hungary were elected by the open ballot system. The secret ballot was only necessary for the election of the Secretary General and Bulgaria's Mihael Delev was re-elected with 6-4 votes.

Before the official part of the Congress, the participants also went on an excursion to Zadar, which justified its status of the best tourist destination in 2016. Many teams also went around the whole island of Ugljan and visited the neighbouring island of Pašman in the breaks between matches.

The members of the Croatian team: Duje Bonačić (Splitski portal - , Dubravko Miličić (24sata), Hrvoje Tironi (, captain), Hrvoje Hrengek (HRT – HTV Sport), Mario Glavan (Arenasport TV), Luka Petrinec (HRT – HTV Sport), Nikola Komšić (Nova TV), Marko Cvijanović (Novi list), Milan Stjelja (Nova TV) and Gianluca Starčić (Sportske novosti), previous captain Vedran Pavičić (HNTV) was the team leader and Nikola Lipovac (Jutarnji list) was the coach.

Great help in the organization of the five-day Congress was also provided by CSJA Secretary General Marijan Bakić, Executive Committee members Robert Šalinović, Ivana Lukačić - Krajina and the official photographer Robert Valai, as well as agile Davor Kralj of SPTV.

SPONSORS: BTravel, HOO, Atlantic Group, Match Vision, SEvent Zadar, KiK Croatia, Heineken Croatia, Hotel Korana Srakovčić Karlovac, Auto salon ZAK Karlovac, Pečarić-Radočaj Karlovac Printing Company, Vagor Northland and Hi-tec Karlovac, Oryx rent-a-car, Badel 1862, Cotrulis Zagreb, Grawe Croatia, Brodić promet Zagreb and Karlovačka banka.



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