LAUSANNE, July 2, 2019 - This 2nd of July invites us to reflect on what our future will be if we do not react to the attacks that come at us from many quarters.
Those who have a tight grip on power, hand in hand with the great social media gurus, want to convince the public that journalists can be replaced by anyone. That the profession does not exist any longer, because everyone can be a journalist. They want us to become timid and resigned peons of information.
Of course everyone can become a journalist, but so too can everyone become a surgeon, or a scientist. If first they study and apply themselves in order to enter the profession, or propose research.  So too it is for journalism: it is necessary to study, develop intellectual honesty, practice in the field. There is no improvisation.
Every day we must clash with those who do not accept free and independent journalism, pushing back against lobbyists that cannot afford the truth to circulate undisturbed, who use their power to silence an unaligned media.
 Gianni Merlo, AIPS President