BUDAPEST, December 10, 2019 - The Patronage Committee for the 83rd edition of the AIPS Congress gathered yesterday morning at the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, for the inaugural meeting in view of the congress and the 2nd edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards. The Committee reunites eminent personalities from political and sporting institutions, who will support the the local organising committee.
President of the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association (HSJA) György Szöllősi gave an introductory speech about the history of AIPS and its historical bond with the city of Budapest.
The meeting continued with the Director of the local organising committee and Vice President of HSJA dr. Csisztu Zsuzsa showing Patronage members the recent progresses and presenting the AIPS Awards.
In conclusion of the meeting, the State Secretary for the development of Budapest and member of the committee Balázs Fürjes stated: “It was exciting to welcome a distinguished group of AIPS members lead by the President Mr. Gianni Merlo this spring, while the Puskas Arena was still under reconstruction. However, during the 83rd AIPS Congress, it would be an even bigger honor to host the world’s leading sport journalists in this renewed venue, the Puskás Arena, which has been highly acknowledged by UEFA and will be home to 4 matches of next year’s Euro 2020, Budapest being one of the 12 host cities.”
Here are the names of the Patronage Committee:
dr. Szabó Tünde - State Secretary for Sport
dr. Kulcsár Krisztián - President of Hungarian Olympic Committee
dr. Kamuti Jenő - President of Int. Fair Play Committee
Schmitt Pál - Former President of Hungary and IOC member
dr. Aján Tamás - President of IWF, former IOC member
Gyurta Dániel - Swimmer Olympic Champ, IOC member
Marius Vizer - President of IJF
Novotny Zoltán - Honorary President of HSJA
dr. Fürjes Balázs - State Secretary of the development of Budapest, and the international sport bids
Szijjártó Péter - Minister of Foreign Economy and Foreign Affairs
Karácsony Gergely - Major of Budapest
Tarlós István - Former Major of Budapest
Charles Camenzuli President of AIPS Europe, the host continent of the 83rd AIPS Congress
Kövér László - President of the Hungarian Parliament
Szabó László - President of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee
Gyulai Márton - Member of the European Athletics Commissions
AIPS Media/ Matteo Suanno