LAUSANNE, January, 11, 2020 - With less than one month left to the celebration of world's sport media excellence, AIPS is proud to announce the names of the top five journalists who competed in the Young Reporter Under 30 categories of the AIPS Sport Media Awards: Broadcasting, Photography and Writing. The chosen journalists passed a strict selection and will be the roster of the potential finalists, expecting the three names will be unveiled on January 15, 2020.
 The list may contain more than 5 journalists because of ties after the vote.
Here’re the top 5 published in alphabetical order by surname:
Debola Adebanjo (Nigeria), Nigerian footballers: living in fear of kidnappers - BBC Sport Africa
Hamza Ait Messaoud (Morocco), Sports management - Football clubs in Morocco: a reality of three degrees - Athletics Management
Ivan Boyanov (Bulgaria), The king below zero degrees - BTV
Florina Ivanova (Bulgaria), Mission "Golden Girl" - BTV Media Group
Terrisa Mark (USA), Life of Ato Boldon - TTT Limited
Wang Chien Hsin (Chinese Taipei), Crazy for Ichiro - [email protected]
Morgan Hancock (Australia), A year of sport down under - The Standard and ActionPlus
Mattia Ozbot (Italy), Lights and shadows - Mattia Ozbot Photography
Christel Saneh (Lebanon), Fierce competition - Track and Field Society
Lukas Schulze (Germany), Golden celebration - The Sun
Fiifi Anaman (Ghana), The blood and toil of our fathers: The making of an African football powerhouse - Medium
Mažvydas Laurinaitis (Lithuania), Famous Lithuanian trainer accused of sexual harassment -
Ben Morse (United Kingdom), The world's first LGBT Cricket Club, graces, finding acceptance in 'Gentleman's Game' - CNN International
Christopher Reive Nzme (New Zealand), From outcast to idol: the day a kiwi superstar was born - New Zealand Herald
Liu Sijie (China), Finding a compromise to become "Mbappé" – Tencent
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