The best shooter in Bayern and Germany's Bundesliga history, legendary striker Gerd Müller, died early Sunday at the age of 76, the Bavarian football Club announced on its web portal.

He was the best football player in Europe in 1970, he scored 365 goals from 427 boulevard matches, and 62 goals from 68 games for then-West Germany. One of the best scorers soccer has ever had has kept a number of records, including one of the 40 goals in a Bundesliga season, which managed to reach Robert Lewandowski last season. He gave Germany the title of world champion and Bayern the title of European champion.

"Thanks to its goals, Bayern Munchen has reached the international level at which he is still playing. In my eyes, he is the most important player in Bayern's history from Münchena. I'm sure people will continue to talk about Gerd Mülleru in 100 years," said his former teammate and friend Franz Beckenbauer.

The legend of German football was in a specialised facility near Münchena where he died after six years of fighting Alzheimer's disease, he suffered from dementia and his condition has not been the best in recent months.

Photo: Diptendu Dutta/AFP