Dear SEESJA members,

Dear sports journalists throughout Europe and world,

Each year we celebrate 2nd of July, World Sports Journalists Day. It’s
also a reminder for us to pay tribute to the establishment of AIPS, 91
years ago in Paris.

For us in SEESJA this is the first time that we can congratulate our
Day to each other. We are young, but not inexpirienced association.
All our members are very well aware of what sports journalism is, what
honour and privilege is to be a member of AIPS. What is more, we are
aware of the fact how nice it is to be a sports journalist!

However, these days we are not only proud to call ourselves sports
journalists, but we are also deeply concerned. Namely, our colleagues
in Greece are experiencing one of the worst scenarios for their
country and its citizens, and thus also for their journalists and
media workers! I take this oportunity to refer the words of support to
our Greek colleagues. On behalf of all of us in SEESJA I hope that
current crisis will be solved in best possible way. We can’t and we
should’t inflict solutions, but we must express concern about
situation in Greece and we can give support to our Greek colleagues.

When we founded SEESJA, last year in Ohrid, we knew that sports
journalism, just like life, is not milk and honey. We knew that
problems that we have can be dealt with easier if we stand together.
Because of that we created our association, because of that we exist.
And because of that we are strong.

Allow me to congratulate World Sports Journalists Day to sports
journalists in all members of SEESJA, but also in all countries of the
world, whether they are, or aren’t, members of their nacional

Nikola Lipovac, president of SEESJA